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2014/2015 Fixtures

ladies 2nd xi v Y & S 2nd xi

Feb 8, 2015

Brave effort by the ladies twos as always:     With boss Cathy back on the sidelines and a squad boosted by the experience of Sarah and the youth of Millie, the 2s put on a spirited performance against the team running away at the top of the table. Yeovil and Sherborne were a strong side and we did well to hold the score at 0-2 going in to half time. It could have been a lot more were it not for yet another excellent performance in goal by Lauryn Burch. The second half was better still and the final score was a respectable 0-3 defeat. Player of the match went to Charlotte Shaw who proved to be the most versatile player on the pitch playing well in midfield and upfront rather than in her usual defensive position. Great teas by Lucy Lloyd as...

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Ladies 2nds v Y & S 2nds

Nov 23, 2014

Perhaps this is the future:- Tough game with only ten players. Spirits good though and we wrote a poem for our match report:   The score was already four nil Fordy’s still stuck on Babylon Hill! Without her we had to run, Millie saved the day scoring one.   When Nikki dived onto the ball Out came the ice, ’twas quite a fall! Hoorah, here comes Fordy…. Not long to go she really is late, Now she can’t find the right gate!   Ten minutes left of the game Now it’s pouring with rain. We’ve kind of lost count of the score But from the team we couldn’t ask more!   Player of the match Harriet Lucas...

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Ladies 2nd XI v Beaminster 1st XI

Nov 17, 2014

Lovely weather made the trip to the seaside a most pleasant drive for the Ladies 2s. Given the youthful team including Emma Charlick making her debut and only 11 players due to sickness, this was a sterling performance. Nervousness at the start saw us concede two early goals, one of which was a penalty flick, to give goalie Lauryn Burch a chance to warm up. Lauryn did a terrific job defending under pressure from the opposition. Not giving up, however, we fought back with energy and grit. Cathy rallied the troops at half time and we mentally wiped the slate clean for a fresh start after half time. Jelly babies as always helped to give everyone a much needed energy boost. Leaving the first half behind us, we leapt into action and started the second half with much more confidence. Even though it was a disappointing loss of 2-0, everyone played valiantly, especially in the second half of the game and we nearly scored a goal. Maddie walked away with Player of the Match award again. Jolly well deserved...

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ladies 2nd xi v bournemouth 3rd xi

Oct 27, 2014

Winding our way to Bournemouth for the 3pm graveyard shift (despite a quick detour for some divine inspiration) was always going to be a difficult fixture. Delighted to have the experience of Dee and Fordy in the squad, the team had a spring in their step and, thanks to goalie Lauryn Burch, were in the game for much if the first half, until the quality of the opposition began to show through. Bournemouth continued to put the pressure on and even though Gillingham played a better game in the second half, we couldn’t hold them off. Despite the final score of 5-0 we remained positive – and enjoyed our chips afterwards! Thanks to Richard for coaching us from the sideline and well done to young players Harriet Lucas, Charlotte Cleverly and Jess Johnson. Player of the match – Lauryn Burch Wally of the Week – Jo Ovenden for a scenic tour on the way to the...

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ladies 2nd xi v yeovil & sherborne 3rd xi

Oct 20, 2014

Gillingham struggled to find there form in the first half of the match, however in the face of persistent pressure managed to hold on to a 0-0 half time result. Working hard not to succumb to the scrappy nature of the first half of the game, we rose to the challenge and a goal from Natalie Hunt secured our lead. A change of pace and mindset in the second half led to a fantastic short corner goal with superb strike from Izzy Allfrey. Our final goal came when Alice sneaked the ball behind the goalie, which allowed us to breathe a sigh of relief in the last ten minutes. One slight mishap occurred Charlotte Shaw ran into our own goalkeeper whilst attempting to stop a goal, which led to a late goal for the opposition and earned Charlotte Wally of the Week. The final score was 3-1 to Gillingham. Lauryn Burch had a standout game, making a series of excellent saves throughout the match. Player of the Match – Lauryn Burch Wally of the Week – Charlotte...

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ladies 2nd xi v salisbury 3rd xi

Oct 14, 2014

On a supposedly sunny afternoon, the Gillingham 2nd XII took to the astro to take on Salisbury 3s together with mascots in the shape of young children and of course a dog, still on a high from our win last week, the team entered the game with determination and a serious case of goal hunger. Unfortunately, Salisbury had apparently had the same pre match talk and scored the first goal of the match. Not to be out done, Gillingham came back with a bang, gaining a short corner and a goal from Donna on her return to the astro. Following this lead centre forward Abi scored another awesome goal putting Gillingham into the lead. After a half time talk from first team coach Katie, we took to the astro again with the same determination and the defence and goal keeper kept off all attempts by Salisbury to even out the score board, a further goal from Izzy put us further into the lead. Of course the weather had to get involved and the heavens opened, however the game carried on full steam ahead with each team battling for another goal of some sort. Just as the rainbow arrived a goal from Gemma was disallowed but Gillingham still remained in the lead for the remaining minutes of the match. Man of the Match went to Izzy Allfrey and Wally of the Week went to Cathy...

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ladies 2nd xi v B & SN 2nd xi

Oct 5, 2014

Here’s our match report for Sat v Blandford & Stur 2s, 3-2 to Gillingham. We get our Player of the Match to write the match reports, so this is by Jo Ovenden on her debut returning to hockey match..!   In the first inclement Saturday of the season, Gillingham Ladies 2s travelled to the beautifully manicured grounds of Clayesmore. Here we were met by Blandford and Stur 2s who were experienced and well prepared. Unbeknown to them, we had brought a string and youthful team who got off to a cracking start when Abi Butt scored against the run of play. We then dug in deep in driving rain to further increase the lead, Abi scoring again and rallying round when Suzy limped off with a nasty back injury. Team spirit saw us survive increased pressure from the opposition who came back, scoring to make it 2-1. Both sides the had chances as the game opened up. Gill held on to make it 3-1, with Abi scoring a hat trick. Blandford & Stur finished strongly to make the final score 3-2. Player of the Match was Jo Ovenden (well done Jo on a great first match returning to hockey after several years out!) and Wally of the Week was Izzy Allfrey for getting the start time wrong and arriving without a...

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ladies 2nd xi v yeovil 2nd xi

Sep 28, 2014

This was going to be a tough game for the GHC ladies 2nds as Y&S 2nd xi pushed the 1st xi on all occasions last year and it was soon 1-0 down. the girls never gave up the fight and I am sure will be ok in the league. the final score was 8-1 with Nikki Williams getting the solo GHC goal. Player of the game was Charlotte Shaw at the centre of defence

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ladies 2nd xi v salisbury 4th xi

Mar 31, 2014

Facing a top of the league clash, the Ladies 2nd XI strode out for their last game of the season with a strong side, on to a sunny, but slippery pitch. The game got off to an extremely speedy start with Salisbury 4’s wanting to show us who was boss, and after a messy short corner they scored a goal. Gillingham, however, continued to fight with Sophia Woollard working tirelessly in the centre and Sarah Feltham’s big hit streaming down the pitch with pace to meet our forwards at the other end. Unfortunately, Salisbury managed to batter through our defence and slip another goal through goalkeeper Lauryn Burch’s legs. After a quick half time refreshment and team talk from Cathy, the team took to the field once more, however this time more ball hungry. Many attempts were taken to bash through the Salisbury defence with a number of short-corners being given. Nevertheless Gillingham just couldn’t wiggle the ball through into the goal. After a hard fought game with a determined side the match ended 2-0 in Salisbury’s favour. We finished second in the league, which gives us promotion into Channel 1 next season. Not bad for our first season in the league and a fitting reward for the hard work of everyone in the team (including our coach Richard Williamson). NB. Man of the match went jointly to Izzy Allfrey and Sarah...

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ladies 2nd xi v swanage and wareham 2nd xi

Mar 27, 2014

In spite of the hailstone covered pitch, Gillingham took the game by storm and focused on their skills in the first half. Regardless of the thunder and lightning up ahead, both Alice and Cathy scored their first hat tricks for Gillingham Ladies 2nd XI, with a further two goals from Abi Butt and another one from Charlotte Miller. Cathy played strikingly and impressed the team by playing in attack instead of her usual defensive position! In the second half, even with Richard’s efforts to confuse Suzy by making her take one of the many, many short corners on the right side instead of the left, Gillingham took the opportunities to apply pressure and beat the tired opponents by 9-0. Well done Alice who was voted Player of the Match, scoring well two matches...

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