Posted on Dec 14, 2015

Gillingham 1XI vs Havant 3XI

Saturday 12th December

 After two disappointing results against decent opposition, it was important that Gillingham got back into winning ways.

 The match started well for the home team and they soon created space and chances due to some excellent link up play down both flanks. In his last game for Gillingham, Hugh Freese drove them forward with power and creativity, but early missed chances brought on a feeling of deja-vu.

 About half way through the first half Gillingham won their first short corner And took the lead.  The Havant keeper could not cope with Freese’s shot and it deflected onto his defenders foot in front of goal. Up stepped Captain Snoopy to out-psyche the goalie and put away the penalty flick with ease. 1-0.

 The game continued with again Gillingham having more possession and the best chances. Steve got another green card for a rash challenge and had to take to the half way line ‘deckchair of shame’. With five minutes to go before the half time break, Huw missed the chance of the game when he booted the ball over the line instead of using his stick. It was a fantastic ball in from Chris  Heal and it deserved a goal. This would later make Huw Dick of the Day!  Half time 1-0.

 Gillingham were determined not to let this lead go and again were passing well and creating chances. After 45 Havant started to create more opportunities but Miller kept them at bay with a series of fantastic tackles. Then the breakthrough came as they drove forward with the ball.

Snoopy’s great tackle seemed to have stopped yet another attack when the attacker clearly kicked the ball to his colleague, who slotted in the equaliser. Neither umpire saw this but it was quite obvious from the sideline. Steve was again taking time out at this point!!  Naughty boy! 1-1.

 The 1-1 score line seemed unjust and to add to Gillingham’s woes they lost Sam Rutter with nasty ball to the head/eye incident.  He was playing beautifully and so was a big loss to the team. Thanks must be given to the very sporting Havant team for giving emergency medical assistance. Sorry about the bloody shirt Havant! 

 The conceding of the controversial goal and their team mate bloodied seem to galvanise the blues and the last 10 minutes saw the them push for a win. The game was wide open now and it was Gillingham who were in the ascendancy with possession and territory. With four minutes to go Matt Lewis choked and scuffed his shot. Was that the game changing chance?  One last push and Gillingham were rewarded with a short corner. For once, this went to plan and a slip to the left found Chris in space to slot home from ten yards. A superb short corner. 2-1.

 A deserved 3 points gained through quick passing, stout defending and team spirit. Beer, spag bol and Christmas jumpers were enjoyed by all. A win dedicated to Freese (good luck mate) and Sam for his head ache!

 Man of the Match: joe Miller (excellent tackling)

 Dick of the Day: huw Lloyd (missed open goal).