Posted on Jan 25, 2016

It all began on a Saturday morning, the weather was typical of a maritime temperate climate.

There very early even though skipper fashionably late. Warm up took place around salubrious surroundings of littered local comprehensive school.

GHC were as usual slow to start, they still hadn’t shaken off their Christmas fatigue, what with their previous game being postponed. Captain Christian Bennett being no exception, giving the ball away in an unfortunate position, left joe Miller to defend a 1 on 1 but was left stranded as A and F capitalised….. 1-0

The half time team talk was all about keeping position, clinical passes, just uping the effort all round and winning more short corners. 2 minutes into the second half, a run from Chris heal from midfield, terrible stick tackle in the D, short corner won. 8 was the call and boom, goal time 1-1.

No clear cut chances from A & F didn’t meant GHC defence were left bored in the second half but building on the 1st goal of 2016, GHC kept up the pressure. Huw Lloyd won more short corners, Edward & Ollie were relentless, the forward line worked together like a well oiled machine. 2-1 came courtesy of a solid short corner routine, finished by Joe Miller who was later voted MoM.

The wheels are in motion for the GHC love bus that is our drive for promotion, 3 points & plenty of ambition